Athletic Man Jumping Between Rocks In Outdoor National Park

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Getting Out of Sticky Escort Situations

Getting out of sticky escort situations is more of an art than a science but I will do my best to describe my general rules that I’d follow when I no longer felt safe or comfortable with a client. The most important thing to state, is that if you feel…


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Escort Marketing

Now that you know you want to be an escort, you need to figure out how to keep your phone ringing. You can be the sexiest escort alive, but if your phone isn’t ringing then you’re not making any money. And if you’re escorting but you’re not making any money,…


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Interesting features of London escort

The escort agencies of London provide high quality escort at your service. While you are availing this type of service of London escort or agency, you need to keep in mind that there always exists element of risk. All escort agencies do not provide high quality service to people. It…

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How to Leave the Industry? How to Stop Escorting?

For women who are doing this and cannot enjoy it, then I understand the desire to stop escorting. For me, I don’t despise this work, but it’s still not easy to remain a prostitute in a hostile society (where I am legally and socially condemned by attitudes and laws).

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Asian Escorts Are Everyone’s Favorites in Europe

Escorts are charming ladies who are blessed with fantastic features and structural characteristics. Such divas are also the living example of social prestige and increase their male partner’s value and esteem manifolds. In other words, ladies are the finest creatures and they have been created by the Mother Nature to…

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Parties and Miami Escort Girls

Let’s face it. A party in Miami is impossible to be called a party if there were no lovely ladies mingling in the crowd or taking active participation in being an event’s highlight attraction. From booked night club functions to yacht parties at night, parties are made more fun and…

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Escort Stamford Girls are Extraordinary

Stamford aspires to be New York City in so many ways, which is a quality of the city which inherently has pros and cons. Very few people enjoy seeing their city get more populated, but there is a noteworthy exception. That is when escort women flood the region, much like…

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How to Advertise Yourself in a Better Way

Advertising yourself is a tough job to do, but you can make it easier by following some important steps. If you are into the escort industry, advertising yourself is a part and parcel and essential thing for your job. Above all, you have to be very much professional in the…

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Pros and Cons of Working as an Escort

There are positive and negative consequences in whatever activity we do or any decision we make. It’s always expected that for every good thing that happens, there’s always something opposite that happens. But whatever it is, we all should be prepared on every consequence results from our actions. This is…

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Escorts: Don’t be a victim and fight back!

For female escorts the adult erotic services business can be an extremely frustrating and dangerous occupation. Whether you work for an escort agency or as independent escort all escorts get their share of flakes, practical jokers and time wasters. A bad client is one who makes an appointment then cancels at the…

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