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Losing your virginity with a straight male escort

I came across an article last night that NineMSN ran in October 2008 about young women choosing to lose their virginity to male prostitutes (rather than boyfriends, or complete strangers) and how this is becoming more common. It was surprising to hear, but at the same time, rang true to me.

I have never met a woman who raved about the experience of losing her virginity. Perhaps that’s partly reticence, but from the stories that I have been told, for most women, losing their virginity was awkward, painful, a total non-event, ruined by their partner’s excitement and inexperience, or some combination of those things. Which, to me as an escort (whose job is making sex and sexuality fun and enjoyable) is a shame.

I would like to contrast that with losing my own virginity. The experience was all that I could have hoped for. Firstly, the setting was exotic: I competed in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race when I was 20, and after arriving in Hobart prior to New Year’s Eve, I met a charming, older woman. She took my virginity on New Year’s Eve, just on midnight, in the large rear cabin of the yacht that I had raced on. It was a dream come true and made all of the cold wet hours sailing home from Hobart that much easier to endure.

Secondly it was fun: my partner was older and more experienced than I was and was happy to help me out, like when I had trouble with the condom. She wasn’t demanding and was quite understanding about my relative lack of experience.

While losing my virginity wasn’t the best sex I have ever had, it was definitely a highlight of my life and a memory that I really treasure. And for that I have to thank a patient, considerate partner, since she helped to make it that way.

So, for me as an escort, I would like to extend my guarantee. Normally I guarantee my clients an orgasm if that is what they want, but for a virgin, this is less likely to be the focus. If you are considering losing your virginity with me, then I will guarantee that it will be a fun and memorable experience. If you are not satisfied, then I will refund your money.

As noted above, I have wonderful memories of my first time sex, and I want women to be able to experience the same thing that I did.

I have had dates with a number of ladies this year who were virgins and have concluded that the best outcome is always achieved when we have an overnight date.  Shorter dates do not allow enough time for relaxation and full enjoyment, so I have decided I will only take an overnight booking if you are a virgin.

I really feel that first time sex deserves to be special and time is one of the keys.



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