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Escort Licensing

Important changes effective from 1 January 2015

Gambling and licensing reforms to cut red tape and simplify processes for licensees will come into effect on 1 January 2015. Importantly, the Northern Territory Licensing Commission will be abolished. All previous Commission documentation and correspondence should be referred to the Director-General of Licensing (Director-General).

All powers and functions that where vested in the NT Licensing Commission, the Director of Licensing or the Deputy Director positions under the individual licensing Acts will be transitioned to a new role, the Director-General. This position will be an individual appointed by the Minister. Any correspondence should be referred to this role from 1 January.

Website transition

As part of the website transition phase please access up-to-date forms, guidelines and information sheets from our new section on the reforms and note that this section is currently under review. New information and resources will be published to the reforms page as soon as it becomes available. If you require support during this transition phase contact (08) 8999 1800.

The Prostitution Regulation Act and Prostitution Regulations provide for the licensing of escort agency businesses and regulate prostitution in the Northern Territory.

  • Escort agency operators and managers must hold an operator’s / manager’s licence to operate an agency within the Northern Territory. To be eligible for an escort agency operator’s or manager’s licence you must:
    • be over 18 years old
    • be a resident of the Northern Territory
    • have no criminal history
    • not be a spouse, de facto partner, homosexual partner, business partner or business associate of an individual who has a criminal history.
  • Escort agency operator’s / manager’s licence must be renewed annually.
  • All sex workers working for an agency have to register with the Northern Territory Police.
  • Solo sex workers are not required to be registered with the Northern Territory Police.
  • Brothels are illegal in the Northern Territory.
  • Soliciting or accosting any persons in a public place is not permitted.

A useful reference for this activity is the Sex Worker Outreach Project on the Northern Territory Aids and Hepatitis Council website or Clinic 34 on the Department of Health website.


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