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Designing Your Personal Escort Website: Finding the Best Keywords

Eighty-Five percent of all internet users use search engines to find the products and services they’re looking for.” Female escorts who work in their very highly competitive adult companionship and erotic services industry, need to learn to take advantage of those valuable customers who are searching for escort services by designing their escort website in such a way that is can be found by the search engines in hopes that their website can be considered relevent and placed near the top of the customer’s search engine results.

One step towards better search engine positioning is choosing the right keywords in your domain name, or in your Header Tags, your title text, your meta tags, your text descriptions, and in your “About Me” text introduction introducing yourself and your escort services, and then any other text content that describes any of your adult erotic services. A keyword is a short phrase commonly associated with your escort industry that a search engine may use to index your website while displaying the results to a user’s query. Cutting down your website’s offerings to just a few words can give you the basic keywords to use. You can do that by looking at your site’s offerings from the user’s perspective, and ask yourself: “What will a potential customer type in the search engine’s search box when looking for something I have to offer?”

For example, let’s say a businessman from Chicago is visiting New York on business. And while he is in New York he decides one evening he wants to hire an escort. If he uses the internet and goes to google or yahoo to perform his search, he might type in New York Escorts, or Escort Services in New York . If he was looking for something specific like an Erotic Massage or a Dominatrix, he would use New York Erotic Massage or New York Dominas, or New York Fetish Escorts. If you perform services like those, then those would be the group of keywords you would want to include liberally on your website.

Okay, so now you have chosen a set of keywords that best describe your services, you should verify that you are able to compete with them. Ranking as number one on keywords such as “Escorts,” or “New York Escorts” will most likely not be realistic – only well known established agencies or big escort directories could compete with such general key words.

For you having a small personal website you would want to use words that are specifically selected to drive targeted traffic to your site. This will be of major benefit to you because converting one visitor that is really interested in your offerings is much easier than attracting lots of visitors who are not interested in your very specific services.

Most internet users looking for Escorts often get mixed results now. Google is so specific that any website that has the word escort in it gets recognized by the search engines, so now when you type in the words escort or escorts, you get not only adult escort services, but you also get, college websites who’s campus security provides escorts for women walking back to their dorms from the library at late hours, you get, articles on Ford escorts, naval vessels that served as escorts and fighter planes that served as escorts. So with search engine technology now becoming so refined, the key words in your website have to be grouped with other industry specific terms to allow the search engines to determine if your site qualifies you in their with female escorts of New York, sexy escorts of New York, etc.

Include associative words like Full Service. You can say, “I do not do Full Service,” or I offer GFE (Girlfriend Experience) or PSE (Porn Star Experience). If you do BDSM services as a Dominatrix, make sure you include that you do, bondage, discipline, and domination, and wish to be called Mistress. These words will all allow search engines to qualify your website if someone mentions those words in their search.

So with your personal escort website, narrowing down by geographic or regional locations, your city is a good place to start, but then get down to the nitty gritty of what it is that you do. So you would say New York adult escort services, or New York Fetish Escorts., or try it backwards like Fetish escorts in New York .

Also, try using Keywords that are closely related to the main subject of your site can improve your ranking in the search engines. For example, if your website subject is “Limo services in Los Angeles ,” you might try targeting keywords like “Los Angeles Luxury Hotels”. The point is that people looking for “Los Angeles Luxury Hotels” are probably interested in, and can afford limo services to and from there as well. This strategy will give you MORE ROOM for choosing keywords that are less competitive with better chances to be positioned much higher. Finally, always try to include your domain name, company name, and product names or services in the keywords.

Remember, it’s easier to sell a product to a prospect that is actually searching for you. Using a program like Word Tracker will keep you up on the most used search terms for your business, services, and location.



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