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Sexy Surrey escorts in all shapes and sizes!

When you want to enjoy the services of a Surrey escort, the best way is to book through an escort agency. Many agencies have girls working in all parts of the country, so the same agency may have Surrey escorts, Essex escorts or London based escorts available. Escort agencies with…

Girl Happy Woking On Laptop And Smatphone In Bed

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Transitioning From Stripper to Escort

What led me, a stripper, to try escort work? I’ve been interested in all forms of sex work since a very young age. Lacking enough confidence and information to try working as an independent escort, I turned to stripping my last year in college. Stripping is a major confidence boost…


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How Escorts Can Make Every Client Feel Special

This is really important, you want to make sure every single client of yours feels like they’re special. You don’t want your clients to feel like they’re just a client – you want them to feel like they’re more than that. The truth is we all enjoy spending time with…

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Escort Safety

Anyone who tells you escorting is 100% safe is either fooling you, or fooling themselves. We live in an unsafe world, there’s lots of professions out there aside from escorting that are plenty risky. Being a police officer, a soldier, a firefighter, delivering pizza, being a nurse or doctor, they…


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Keeping Regular Escort Clients

Keeping regular clients is one of the most important things you can do as an escort. When I was making $30000 a month as an escort before I retired, $25000 of that was from regular clients and $5000 was from random clients calling and booking an hour here or there….


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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Date With An Elite Escort

Many clients make little mistakes that may end up ruining their time in the companionship of a high-class escort. Yes, it is true they are paying for the escort’s time and they have a contract agreement, but being rude or unpleasant to an escort is counter-productive in the extreme.


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How Fast do Men Cum/Ejaculate with Escorts?

Clients are usually quite excited when meeting an escort, so most do not last long in sex. In some cases, men come even before the sex happens, just through touching. It’s common for clients to last under a minute. Some clients are embarrassed of cumming fast, and many try to…


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Goa Escorts

Goa Escorts have specialised qualifications in this regard. They can be easily contacted to have night parties, discos, casinos, lounge bar meetings, campfires, candle light parties and many more forms of enjoyment. They serve the purpose of sexual pleasure as they ignite the inner self to have a burst.

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